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Warehousing Procedure

All requests for the storage (warehousing) or disposal of College property will be made through a Divisional Operations Representative. Short-term warehousing is 12 months or less at which point the item will be either returned to the department or released for disposition. Long-term warehousing is considered for a period longer than 12 months at the approval of a Co-Director of the Physical Plant Department or the Director of Special Projects.

The Divisional Operations Representative will make the request by submitting an Administrative Services Work Request. The request will include the following information:

A complete description of the item to be stored or disposed of including LCC tag number, any clearly marked serial number, and location of the item.

Items scheduled for disposal may be used at other locations on campus at the discretion of Moving Services.

Except in unusual circumstances, items to be disposed of will first be cycled through the Surplus Store and offered for sale to the general public.At the discretion of the Surplus Store Supervisor, items that cannot be sold will be disposed.


Short Term Warehousing  (12 months or less)
Long Term Warehousing   (Greater than 12 months)
LCC Disposition

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