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Mail Service Requests

LCC Customers can choose our services from the links below.

Copy Request

  • A Copy Request is for copy work only.
  • Click here for copy requests from one of our suppliers.


  • Mail services can print envelopes in varying sizes which have your department's mail code above the LCC logo. This will ensure you that mail coming back to the college goes back to the correct department.
  • Below are the different envelope options:

Copy Request and On Campus Distribution

  • This can include employee name, department, and mail code if requested.

Certified & Overnight Mail

  • Certified and Overnight mail is for pieces that need to be sent in a way that gives a tracking number, certifies the document or needs to be delivered quickly. Contact mail services for more information.

Copy Request and Self Mailer (No Envelopes)

  • This is for requests that require copying on heavy weight paper and to be mailed off campus. The original should have proper indicia. This type of piece should be designed with the fold on the bottom for quicker mailing and to be tabbed at the top for smooth machining.

Copy Request and Mail (Insert In Envelopes)

  • This is for requests that require copying and need to be mailed either in window, regular business size or flat envelopes. Indicia are not needed for this mailing.

Mailing with Window/Non-Window

  • Mailings which do not qualify for bulk mailings can be submitted here. These mailings are below 200 pieces, have varying weights or do not meet other requirements that allow for a reduced rate. Please contact mail services for more information whether or not your mail job qualifies for a reduced rate. 517-483-1748

Bulk Mailing

  • Bulk mail is for mailing jobs which have over 200 pieces. By presorting we can reduce the rate and save you money. We will need a file and the mail pieces so that we can insert them in house and additional time for the presort and assembly of the mailing. Please contact Mail services at 517-483-1748 for more information on qualifications, presorting and savings as well as the different options to best accommodate you.

Address Labels

  • Please contact Mail services at 517-483-1748 for more information.

Auxiliary Work Only

  • No charge is required for this service; this is for requests that need:
    hole punching, binding, stapling, cutting, padding, folding, drilling, collating.


  • Mail Services will deliver stamps to your department through this request
    or they can be purchased for personal mail in our office.