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Health Risk Appraisal Instructions

Complete your very own Health Risk Appraisal!

We are using the University of Michigan Health Risk Appraisal program to do a comprehensive appraisal of your current health risks. By knowing your lifestyle habits, it's possible to calculate your health risks.  You then have the choice to improve your lifestyle, your health statistics, and get more out of life!

Use the following instructions to walk through the process:

You can get to the site by simply entering the URL: in the address window once you have logged onto the internet. When you are in the site, type in your employee number and the group password "WellnessLCC".

You will be asked to type in an individual HRA password of your choice which will allow you to return to your completed HRA at a future date. Please record this password as it is your only way of re-opening your appraisal. If you have forgotten your individual HRA password, you can request an automated email.

Fill out all the questions in the Health Risk Appraisal as honestly and accurately as you can. The more specific and honest your answers are, the more accurate your profile will be. This information is strictly confidential; you will be the only one to see the results of the profile.  For this appraisal you will need to have handy your height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol and HDL.(See "Know Your Numbers" for affordable lab work options).

Your Health Risk Appraisal Profile to is for you to keep for your own records.

Using your profile you might like to do the following:

List three short-term goals regarding your overall health and fitness that you would like to achieve in the next year.

Date ______________________________________





Did you meet these goals? ______________________________________________

The Employee Wellness Committee highly encourages you to complete an HRA every year.  The committee does not have access to any of your information, but we do get an aggregate report, with anonymous group information. This helps us in planning events and explaining the benefits of our Employee Wellness Program.

Updated 5/21/2013

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