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FAQs: General Questions

Q: Who can use the West Campus Computer Lab?

Currently registered students and staff are welcome to use the West Campus Computer Lab. We are open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Q: What ID should I bring in to get in to the computer lab?

Students must have a valid StarCard to access the West Campus Computer Lab. If you do not have a StarCard, please take a valid picture ID to Parking Services room 215.1 Gannon Building. The 1st StarCard is free. If you lose or damage your card, replacements are $15.00. If you left your card in your car or home, we will offer you a Temporary pass but that is limited to one time per semester.


Q: Where can I get a StarCard?

StarCards are available at Police and Parking Office located in:
Gannon Building 201
Mon - Thu 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Fri 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
(517) 483-1798


Q: How do I log into the Network?

A network account and Technology User ID (Username) have been created when students register for classes at LCC, so that students can login to the network and access myLCC to look up their Username and set their own password. If you are on campus and you don't know your Username or password, do the following:

  • Turn on the LCC computer;

  • At the Network Login prompt enter "techid" for the username and password;

  • Click on the OK button (you will be linked to the LCC web site);

  • Click on the myLCC sign in button at the top of the page

  • Click the link below the login box that says "activate my account"

  • Submit the necessary information, click find me

  • Username will be provided and you need to set up a password;

  • Once you received your Username and made a password, you can log into myLCC from the LCC home page.

After you opened the myLCC account, you need to log off the computer and wait for 10 minutes and then you be able to use your Username and password to login the Network. If you do not wait for an enough time, your account will be locked out. Then you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to login.

You can always call 483-5221 LCC Help Desk or stop by either the West Campus or Main Campus computer lab to get assistance.


Q: What do we use Username for?

Every LCC student has a network account. Usernames are assigned when students register for classes at LCC. Students have to use the Username to login to the campus network in order to access various computing resources, such as the ability to print or through the LCC home page to access myLCC Home, where you can access various online resources.


Q: Do I still need a password or pin to login Desire2Learn or Banner web?

No. Once you logged in to myLCC, you should be able to access both Desire2Learn and Banner without having to re login.


Q: What should I do if I am unable to log into the LCC Network while on Campus

First, you need to check your Username and password. You may reset your password through myLCC.

1. Go to the LCC home page ( by using "techid" for user name and password
2. Click on "Register for access to myLCC"
3. Click on the button that states "Register for access to myLCC"
4. Click on "Forgot my password"
5. Follow the direction to reset your password

If it is still not working, please call the Help Desk at 483-5221 or send an e-mail to explaining your problem.


Q: How do I log into Desire2Learn or Banner?

  • Launch your browser and then go the LCC home page.

  • Click on the myLCC Login button

  • Enter your Username and password

Once logged into myLCC, you will see links for D2L and Banner at the top of the screen.


Q: How do I get and use my LCC e-mail account? Where can I access it?

All registered LCC students will have an e-mail account provided by the College. The LCC e-mail account is accessible through myLCC, but first you need to request an e-mail account in the myLCC under the My place tab. Your LCC student e-mail address is your (for example: Please visit the Help Desk site for detailed instruction. >

If you have any questions about your e-mail account in myLCC, contact the Help Desk at 483-5221, or send an e-mail to, or stop by the TLC100 Computer Lab on campus.


Q: If I have my own e-mail account, how do I use it?

Instead of using your LCC e-mail, you may provide an alternate e-mail address as your preferred e-mail address. Your LCC e-mail address is displayed in Banner. You can update it by following the steps below:

  • Log into myLCC on LCC web site (

  • Click Banner at the top of the screen

  • Select Personal Information, and then select Edit My E-mail Address

  • Follow the directions on the screen to add an additional e-mail address

  • Deselect the LCC Student E-mail address by turning off the preferred status

  • Select the e-mail address you just entered and check on the preferred status

Or you can login to myLCC, go to My Place page and update your e-mail over there.


Q: How to print from computer lab?

Each student is provided with 150 credits every semester. Unused credits expire after one year beginning August 2017.

To purchase more printing credits, visit The printing credits are NOT redeemable for cash.

If there are any questions regarding printing credits, click here, or see the lab staff.


Q: Why I can't I print?

If you are logged in as "techid", you will be unable to print on campus. The "techid" user name is provided by the college for your first time use only login to the Network. After you get your username and set up your own password in the myLCC, you need to use your username and password to establish your printing ability. Printing has been disabled for techid.

Another reason you may not be able to print that is your print account balance is at 0. To purchase additional print credits, visit


Q: Does LCC provide dial-up Internet access for students from home?

No. This is because we do not charge students a fee to cover the cost of internet access as some colleges do.


Q: Where can I find my class schedule?

You can get your class schedule in the Banner web:

  • Launch your browser and go to the LCC home page at

  • Login myLCC

  • Click Banner web link

  • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid

  • Click on Student Record

  • Click on Review Your Course Schedule

  • Select the current semester

  • Click on Submit Term button


Q: Can I get help with my homework in the lab?

Lab technicians are available to assist you with hardware/software problems and to answer general application questions. If you are struggling with course content, Tutorial Services has tutors available for many of the program areas. They can be reached at 483-1209.


Q: Does the lab have headphones?

No, you must provide your own.


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