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Electrical Utility Lineworker Program FAQ

General Program Information
Application & Acceptance Process
Completion of Program

General Program Information

How long is the program?

The application process is usually 3-4 months long, and the coursework is about 13 months long.

What is the typical timeline for the program?

The tentative timeline for the current program can be found on our Lineworker Timeline. The application period typically occurs through the Spring and coursework begins in Summer semester.

How many seats are available in the program?

At this time, we have 40 seats available for the School-to-Work program. This is subject to change.

How much does the program cost?

Approximately $12,000 for in-district and $19,000 for out-of-district. Please see our program cost chart for a breakdown of tuition and fees.

Is funding available for the program?

You may be able to receive Financial Aid, which will apply toward the program. Please contact the Financial Aid office, 517-483-1200.  
Divisional Scholarships are also available on a yearly basis, with applications being accepted in the January prior to applying for the program.

Is the Lineworker Program eligible for the GI Bill?

Yes, it is eligible for the GI Bill.  For more information, please contact the Veteran Affairs office.

What is the School-to-Work Program?

The School-to-Work program is an opportunity to take your climbing courses with offsite providers, such as Consumers Energy. The seats for this program are limited. Upon successful completion of the program you will receive LCC’s certificate of achievement plus have a potential opportunity to be hired with the provider.   

What is the Great Lakes Center for Utility Training (GLCUT)?

The Great Lakes Center for Utility Training (GLCUT) program is LCC’s in-house climbing school. It is structured very similar to our partner’s programs, and you will receive LCC’s certificate of achievement upon successful completion of your climbing courses.

Application & Acceptance Process

Where can I get the application?

The application will be available at the next information session. Information sessions are typically held yearly in February or March, unless otherwise announced.  You must come to an information session in order to receive an application for the program.

How can I find out about the information sessions?

Submit your contact information to be added to our mailing list. We will send a notice to your email when information sessions are available.

When is the application due?

Usually early April, depending on the date of the information sessions.

What requirements do I need to apply?

We will consider your criminal record & driving record. You must be eligible to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). You must have applied to LCC and obtained a minimum of 4 in each of the three placement tests. Some other conditions apply. Please view our line worker application requirements to find out more information.

How do I get accepted into the program?

Each application is scored based on a number of items such as a pole climb test, a physical ability test, work and education experience, and scores on your LCC Accuplacer placement tests. Your application will be scored by a diverse team of individuals from LCC.


Where do the line worker classes take place?

Most courses will be held at LCC’s West Campus.
If you are a part of the School-to-Work program, ELTE 270, 272, 274, 276 will be at the Consumers Energy Marshall Training Center.

When do line worker classes start?

Summer semester (typically early June) after program application.

When do the line worker classes take place?

Academic course work is typically offered both daytime and evening to fit a variety of work schedules. Some are online and/or self-paced. ELTE 270 is a 4-day climbing class that typically occurs after your first semester of classes.   ELTE 272, 274 & 276 is 10 weeks of full-day climbing classes at the end of the program.

What if I have already taken courses at LCC?

If you have taken any of the courses on the Class Offering list other than the fitness classes and passed with a minimum of 2.0 they will count toward your program credits once you are accepted. Previous fitness classes will have to be retaken.

What if I have taken courses at another college?

If you have taken electrical classes or any classes that are similar to courses on LCC’s Class Offering list you may receive LCC credit toward your Certificate. Contact the Utility & Energy Systems Office at 517-483-1570 to set up an appointment to review your transcripts.

Completion of Program

What happens when I complete the program?

You will receive a certificate of achievement from LCC. If you are a part of the School-to-Work program, you may receive a place in the Consumers Energy hiring pool. There is no guarantee of employment or being placed in the hiring pool upon completion.

If I am in the school-to-work program, how long will it take to be hired by Consumers after completing the program?

Consumers hires based on their budget and other factors. We cannot guarantee employment with them.

If I am in the School-to-Work program and Consumers hires me, do I get to choose the job location?

Consumers places you in a hiring pool based on a ranking scale. Jobs will be offered to you as they become available, regardless of location. You may not get offered a location that you desire. 

Does LCC work with any other companies for job placement?

At this time, LCC is promoting our line worker program to local contractors, municipalities and co-ops and will inform students of job opportunities that become available.  LCC cannot guarantee job placement.  

Additional Program Information:

How to Apply
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Lineworker Certificate of Achievement (1468)
Lineworker Associate's Degree (1783)
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