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Career Facts

What is a construction electrician?

Construction electricians install the power system wiring in homes, stores, offices, schools or industrial facilities.  They are licensed by the State. To become licensed, an electrician must complete an apprenticeship with a licensed electrical contractor consisting of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. Completing LCC's associate degree in electrical technology provides 1000 of those hours. After completion of the on-the-job training, electricians take the State's licensing exam to be licensed as journey electricians. After two-years of related work experience, a journey electrician can take the State of Michigan exam to become a master electrician

What is a machine control and maintenance specialist?

Control and maintenance specialists work in plants where they maintain and troubleshoot the power control circuits that operate plant machinery. They inspect equipment and locate and correct problems before breakdowns occur. When needed, they install new equipment. When breakdowns occur, they make the necessary repairs. Control designers spend time in an office but also set up and maintain machinery on the factory floor. These employees may work for equipment manufacturers; contract control houses or machine repair companies for whom they develop, install and debug new control designs.

What skills are required?

Both construction electricians and electrical control/maintenance specialists need mechanical aptitude and logical thinking skills. Coursework in math, electricity, electronics, mechanical drawing, science and shop are helpful. Electricians should have at least average physical strength and possess agility, dexterity and good color vision.

Where are they employed?

Construction engineers work for construction companies, electrical contracting companies or as independent contractors.  Electrical control and maintenance specialists work in plants and factories which use many machines.  They spend most of their time working on machinery but may work on electrical problems as well.

What degrees and certificates does LCC offer?

LCC offers an associate degree and certificates of achievement and completion for both construction electricians and machine control and maintenance specialists.

What is the average salary?

The current median hourly earnings of a licensed electrician is approximately $28.00 per hour.

What else should I know?

Job opportunities for electricians are expected to grow. Employment is expected to grow faster than the average occupation from 2008-2012.  For more information, contact the program advisor at (517) 483-1071.

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