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For Instructors and Staff


The Learning Commons Writing Studio continues to work with students remotely by online appointment.

Writing assistance will take place online using D2L and WebEx. To set up an appointment, click the "Tutoring Appointment Request" link, and enter your information.
The Learning Commons will get back to you shortly to schedule a session with one of our Professional Tutors.

Tutoring Appointment Request Download a Flyer

If you have questions or issues usingD2L or WebEx, contact the LCC Help Desk.

For updates on the Coronavirus, visit

Instructors play an important role in providing writing assistance to their students during office hours and are often the best place for students to begin if they are seeking clarification on an assignment, an explanation of a grade or written feedback, or suggestions for improving a draft as they are revising. Instructors also play an important role in suggesting that students seek writing assistance from elsewhere on campus and help connect their students with available resources.

The Writing Studio should be a student's first point of contact if general writing assistance is needed. Our staff will assess the student's needs to determine which option for assistance best fits their needs and will refer students, when needed, to seek assistance from a Librarian, or feedback on a resume or career-related document from Career & Employment Services.

Helping Students Make Effective Use of the Writing Studio

Students need some guidance in how to make effective use of the variety of services offered on LCC's campus, including the Writing Studio. As an instructor, you can play a vital role in this process by helping students better understand our services as they prepare for a visit. If you have required that your students visit the Writing Studio, please specify for them whether you have a preference for a specific type of assistance. Assistance formats include: guided independent work in the Studio, 25- or 50-minute face-to-face appointments with English Tutors and Writing Assistants, and 50-minute online appointments with English Tutors. See more information below about our staff. Download our tip sheet for more information on specific things you can do to ensure that your students have productive and successful visits with us.

Who Works in the Writing Studio

The Writing Studio is staffed by Professional English/ESOL Tutors and Writing Assistants (who are student employees and classroom teaching faculty from a variety of discipline areas). All members of our staff work with students by appointment and in our writing studio area. All staff have completed training specific to writing center pedagogy and best practices. We do not distinguish between staff type and refer to those who work in the Writing Studio on a first-name basis. If you have a preference for your students to work with a specific type of staff member, please specify your preference to them so they can make a request at the time an appointment is booked.

Tours/Information Sessions

Faculty and staff are welcome to bring classes and groups into the Writing Studio for a tour and introductory visit. Please call or stop in to set up a time. Information sessions last about 15 minutes.

Print Resources for Students

The Writing Studio houses a substantial collection of print resources including dictionaries, thesauri, writing handbooks, MLA and APA manuals, reading anthologies, textbooks currently used in many of our English classes and a variety of handouts. Students do not need an appointment to use these materials. They may simply stop in during open hours, as space allows. Our front counter staff are happy to assist them in locating the resources they need to use.

Proof of Visit/ Reflection Form

The Writing Studio does not allow its staff to sign students' papers as a proof of their visit. Instead, we encourage faculty who need evidence of Writing Studio visits to ask students for the date and time of their visit, the first name of the staff member who assisted them and a brief description of the assistance they received. A simple student reflection form is available for downloading by clicking the link below. You can feel free to customize it in any way you like.

Writing Studio Student Reflection Form

Responding to the Writing of Non-native English Speakers

With the understanding that expectations vary among academic disciplines, classes and instructors, our ESOL colleague, Denise Warner, has worked with the Writing Studio to provide some guidance for faculty who often feel challenged in responding to the writing of non-native English speaking students. Please Download our tip sheet for more information on specific things you can do to ensure that your students have productive and successful visits with us.