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Writing Resources

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LCC Resources

Library Catalog

Research Databases

Tutoring Services

The Writing Center


Websites about Writing

The Process of Essay Writing, James Cook University (illustrated)

The Online Writing Lab, Purdue University

Writing in College, University of Chicago

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Generating Ideas

Brainstorming techniques

Freewriting (interactive with timer)

Illustrations of clustering (AKA idea webs, conceptual maps)


Preparing and Using Outlines (working vs. final outline)

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Drafting and Revising

About first drafts by writer Anne Lamot

Giving and Receiving Peer Responses

Questions for Review

Revising from a Teacher's Comments

Tips on revising and multiple drafts

What revising is

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Editing and Proofreading

The Editing Process

General Strategies for Editing and Proofreading



Evaluating online documents

Reading primary and secondary sources (select links from the left column)

Steps to Writing a Research Paper (UCLA library)

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APA Style

Chicago Style


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Writing by Discipline

Business or Technical Writing





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Tutoring Services at Lansing Community College

The Learning Commons
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