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Who you should see when you need help

Campus Resources 

Help Needed


Who to See:

Class content or requirements unclear


Ask instructor questions during/before/after class or during breaks

Visit instructor's office during Office Hours or call for an appointment

Leave a note in the instructor's department office

Check syllabus and/or other course handouts

Missing class work/ tests

Need to catch up



Contact instructor in advance, if possible

Class Scheduling/Curriculum Selection


Academic Advising Center, GB 212, 483-1904

Counseling Center, GB 204, 483-1924

Class is overwhelming

Additional help with vocabulary, study skills, writing, reading, and/or spelling



Counseling Center, GB 204, 483-1924

The Learning Commons, A&S 1313, 483-1206

Center for Transitional Learning, A&S 1106, 483-1061

Writing Center, A&S 202, 483-1907

Tutoring & additional tutorial help or scheduling assistance


The Learning Commons, A&S 1313, 483-1206

Technical Careers - Academic Resource Center (TC-ARC), West Campus, U-245, 483-9711

Personal problems affecting school work


Counseling Center, GB 204, 483-1924

Support Services needed by students with disabilities, ex:  Reader, Interpreter, books on tape, etc.


Office of Disability Support Services, GB 204, 483-1924

Child care Information


Women's Resource Center/Returning Adult Program, GB 204, 483-1199

Re-entry women, single parents, displaced homemakers, non-traditional career students


Women's Resource/Returning Adult Program, GB 204, 483-1199

LUCERO Program


Lucero, GB 351, 483-9804

Basic English skills for non-native speakers of English


English Speakers of Other Languages Program, A&S 1106, 483-1061

English Language and Culture Program, A&S 1106, 483-1061

Information on how to use the library/to do research


Library, TLC 200, 483-1657

Career and student employment Information


Center for Employment Services, GB 218, 483-1172

TRIO Student


TRiO, GB 141, 483-1161

Tutoring Services at Lansing Community College

The Learning Commons
Arts & Sciences Room 1313
Phone: (517) 483-1206
Fax: (517) 483-1222
Additional contact information

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