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Career Facts for Heavy Equipment Repairer

Where are heavy equipment repair technicians employed?

Employers can not always find enough qualified men and women to maintain their fleet. If you are interested in this type of career, Lansing Community College and AIS Construction Equipment, one of the area's premier heavy-equipment suppliers, are in partnership offering students a new way to get some of the best heavy-equipment repair training in the region through the Heavy Equipment Repair Technician Program.

Faster employment growth is expected for mobile heavy equipment technician and farm equipment technicians. Increasing numbers of heavy duty and mobile equipment service technicians will be required to support growth in the construction industry, equipment dealers, and rental and leasing companies. Because of the nature of construction activity, demand for service technicians follows the Nation's economic cycle. As the economy expands, construction activity increases, resulting in the use of more mobile heavy equipment to grade construction sites, excavate basements, and lay water and sewer lines. The increased use of such equipment increases the need for periodic service and repair.

In addition, the construction and repair of highways and bridges requires more technicians to service equipment. As equipment becomes more complicated, repairs increasingly must be made by specially trained technicians. Job openings for farm equipment mechanics are expected to rise mostly because of replacement needs. Construction and mining are particularly sensitive to changes in the level of economic activity; there fore, heavy and mobile equipment may be idled during downturns. In addition, winter is traditionally the slow season for construction and farming activity, particularly in cold regions. Few technicians may be needed during periods when equipment is used less; however, employers usually try to retain experienced workers. Employers may be reluctant to hire inexperienced workers during slow periods.

What is the average salary?

In our program, you will learn everything you need to know about repairing heavy equipment to build a career. You will even be assigned your own engine to tear down and rebuild as you complete course work. The program is practical, hands-on and can lead you into a career starting out at $10-25 an hour. After working hard, gaining five years of experience, and depending on your level of ambition, you could be making as much as $70,000 a year.

What else do I need to know?

Courses are offered throughout the year. Many evening courses are offered to accommodate your schedule. Spring semester begins in January, summer semester begins in June and fall classes begin in August.

Instructors for the Heavy Equipment Operator program are contracted through AIS Construction Equipment Corporation at Please call the Transportation and Engineering Technologies Department Office at (517) 267-6406 for specific questions regarding instruction.

Heavy Equipment Repair Program at Lansing Community College

Transportation Maintenance Technologies
West Campus, Room M103
Phone: (517) 483-5338
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