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Collision Repair

If you've always liked working on cars and take pride in a clean exterior finish to your car or truck, why not make a career out of it? Turn your interest into a great career start by getting the trained by the academic and career professionals in the Collision Repair Program at Lansing Community College.

Collision repair professionals are retiring from the industry faster than employers can find qualified replacements. Couple that with the fact that as long as people drive, there will be accidents resulting in exterior damage to vehicles that need to be repaired, and you've got an equation for greater levels of job security than many professions.

Today's advanced Technologies has greatly changed the structure, materials and parts used in automobiles. Because of this, repair technicians need to know the newest techniques for repairs and be skilled at implementing them. In addition to possessing good manual dexterity, repair technicians must also have a solid understanding of math, science and electronics in order to be effective in their jobs. Our training program can provide you with that and more.

At A Glance 

Our program is designed to provide you with the latest in practical, hands-on coursework driven by current industry standards. This means that what you learn in the collision lab is what you'll use in the repair shops in your hometown and across the nation. Students in our programs work on "live" jobs, cars and trucks that need to be repaired. Our faculty members have worked in repair shops and bring a real-world relevance to your learning experience at LCC that you will refer to time and again.

Courses are offered throughout the year. Many are offered evenings as well as days to accommodate your schedule. Spring semester begins in January, summer semester begins in June and fall classes begin in August.

We want you in our classroom next semester. If you need direction on how to begin at LCC, let us know what's on your mind and what you need from LCC to get started. If you like cars, you're organized, detail oriented and neat, enroll in our program and get the quality training at LCC that can lead you to a great career start. For specific information about our Collision Repair Program, send us an e-mail today. We've got a place waiting for you.


Collision Repair Program at Lansing Community College

Transportation Maintenance Technologies
West Campus, Room M103
Phone: (517) 483-5338
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