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Counseling Services Contact Information

Where are we located?
Located in the Gannon Building StarZone

Phone for an appointment: (517) 483-1924

Counseling Sessions
It is expected that students will be able to address their issues with a counselor in ten sessions or less.  However, extensions will be considered based upon the counselor's professional discretion.  Students are also allowed to return at a later date if needed.  If it becomes apparent the student needs extensive therapy, the counselor will assist the student in identifying a counselor in the community.


The appointment for a counseling session can last a maximum of fifty minutes. This allows the counselor a ten minute period to prepare for their next appointment and allows you to get to your classes on time.

Having made an appointment, that time has been specifically reserved for you. It is your responsibility to notify our office in advance to cancel an appointment (if possible at least 24 hours in advance). Failure to assume this responsibility prevents us from scheduling an appointment for another student in that time slot, or may not allow us to utilize that time slot in the most effective way possible. Unfortunately, we can all forget at times. If you do forget your appointment, please call and let us know so we can reschedule you for another counseling session.

Support Services at Lansing Community College

Susan Muma, Associate Dean of Center for Student Support
Gannon Building - StarZone - Campus Resources Desk
Phone: (517) 483-1924