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Registered Student Organizations

Lansing Community College has many Registered Student Organizations each semester to choose from; there is something for everyone! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women's interests and sports. The Student Life Office officially recognizes these organizations through an annual registration process. Once registered, RSOs can plan and sponsor activities on campus, apply for funding, and participate in events.

For information about starting a new RSO, please contact Student Life 517.483.1285 Gannon Building Room 2202.

Sample Constitution for New Registered Student Organizations

For questions about a currently registered student organization including meeting dates and times, please contact the advisor(s) listed below or Student Life

The following RSOs have officially registered and are active for the 2018-2019 Academic Year (Fall 2018-Summer 2019):  

Adventist Christian Fellowship: Advisor - Gary Affholter

American Marketing Association: Advisors - Bill Motz 517.483.1540, Adrienne Jenkins 517.483.1550 AMA Website

Anthropology/Sociology Club: Advisor -  Kali Majumdar 517.483.1031

Black Student Union: Advisors -  Robin Moore 517.483.9616, Willie Davis 517.483.7197, Jonathan Rosewood 517.483.1259

Business Start Up Club: Advisors - Keri Litwiller 517.483.1446, Erin Matesich 517.483.1593

Catholic Student Fellowship: Advisor - Ellen Gallavan

Cheer Club: Advisor - Mike Ingram 517.483.1242

College Democrats at LCC: Advisor - Ninna Roth

Criminal Justice Club: Advisor - Edward Thomas 517.483.5278

Cross Cultures: Advisor - Edwin Bryant 517.483.7218

Cybersecurity Club: Advisor - Jason Mitchell 517.483.1553

Dental Hygiene Club: Advisors -  Betsy Burger 517.483.1467, Brittany Toman 517.483.1457

Empowering Women of Excellence: Advisor - Angela Hook 517.483.1595

Environmental Club: Advisor - Meg Elias 517.483.7250

Fashion Arts and Design Association: Advisor - Anne Wojtkowski

Filmmakers Club: Advisor - Dennis Therrian

French Club: Advisor - Darcy Ebert 517.483.7250

Future Teachers Club: Advisors - Geoff Quick 517.483.1140, Ann Selleck 517.483.1018

German Club: Advisor - Charlotte Steiner 517.483.7015

Global Student Club: Advisor - Catie Dau 517.483.1447

Hip Hop Club: Advisor - Jonathan Rosewood 517.483.1259

Historical European Martial Arts Club: Advisor - Sean Potter

History Club: Advisors Wade Merrill, Anne Heutsche, 517.483.1037

Human Resources Management Association: Advisor - Carlotta Walker 517.483.1534

Information Technology Student Alliance: Advisor Brendan Fleishans 517.483.1352

Japanese Club: Advisors - Mieko Philips 517.483.1022, Anne Hooghart 517.483.1546, Bridget Cooper 517.483.1546

Lucha Latina: Advisors - Ana Woehr 517.483.1215, Alex Gradilla 517.483.9803

Math/Computer Science Club: Advisor - Tristan Sprague-Williams

Music Production Club: Advisor - Jonathan Rosewood 517.483.1259

Phi Theta Kappa: Advisors - Alex Gradilla 517.483.9803, Margo Whalen 517.483.9662 Facebook

Photography Club: Advisor Ike Lea, 517.483.1705

Physics and Engineering Club: Advisors - David Shane 517.483.1109, Alan O'Keefe 517.483.1110

Psychology Club: Advisor - Janis Elmore 517.483.1150 Facebook

Roosevelt Institute @ LCC: Advisor - Mark Guerrieri 517.483.1151

Sexuality And Gender Acceptance Club: Advisors - James Ferguson, Brandon Lawler 517.483.9667 Facebook

Sign Language Club: Advisors - Brenda Cartwright 517.483.9610, Ashleigh Taylor 517.483.1012

Soccer Club: Advisors - Armando Arevalo 517.483.1164, Gary King 517.483.1601

Student Nursing Association: Advisor - Tami Tasker 517.483.1683

Sunrise LCC: Advisor - Mark Guerrieri 517.483.1151

VEX Robotics Club: Advisors - Eric Bennett 517.483.1368, Don Eckford

Volleyball Club: Advisors Kaila Herin 517.483.9625, J. Munley 517.483.1051

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