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Chemistry Career Facts

Lansing Community College offers a one-year certificate of achievement and a two-year applied science associate degree in Chemical Process Technology. Chemical process technicians work in companies like Procter and Gamble and Dow Corning in chemical manufacturing and processing. These technicians operate equipment, monitor plant processes and analyze raw materials or products. They could also work for drug companies, petroleum companies, steel mill or paper plants. Responsibilities might include quality control, safety, or environmental compliance.

Employment prospects are good in this field and entry level wages average $21,000 for those with a certificate and $26,000 for those with an associate degree. After five years, chemical process technicians can expect to earn in excess of $40,000.

LCC also offers an associate degree in Chemical Technology. LCC's program has been certified by the American Chemical Society. These technicians work closely with chemists, chemical engineers and technical specialists, using their laboratory skills to test and communicate information in areas like quality control, pollution, and research and development. It is a career with a wide range of career options. Current job prospects are excellent with starting salaries of $30,000 to $38,000.

Those who choose to go on to a four-year institution and continue their study of chemistry may choose to become chemical engineers, pharmacists, medical doctors, teachers or choose from any of a number of other career options. All of these professions should experience steady or increased job availability over the next decade. Salaries will vary depending on the job.

You can find information about these and other careers at the website for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and

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