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Auditing Classes

A class taken as an audit results in no grade or credit for the student and is usually taken for purposes of self-improvement or general interest. Students wishing to audit must meet all prerequisites required for the course and indicate their intention to audit at the time they register for the course. Audited courses cannot be applied toward a degree or certificate and cannot be used to meet prerequisites.

The college allows students to change from credit to audit or from audit to credit by the end of the second week of classes (and other equivalent dates as specified for variable length courses). Students electing to change from audit to credit are responsible for having course work up-to-date at the time the change is made. Changes from credit to audit through the end of the second week for 16-week courses (and other equivalent dates as specified for variable length courses) do not require instructor approval. Students should be aware that exercising this option may have an impact on their financial assistance or on student employment at the college. Any student balance due created by a change in credit or audit status must be paid by the student. Changes in audit or credit status must be requested by the student through Enrollment Services/Office of the Registrar.

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