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Guest Student Summer Enrollment

Not an LCC Student, but looking to take classes that transfer to your home university? Learn which LCC classes transfer to your university.

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Most universities have transfer pages that show which classes from LCC transfer and count toward your undergraduate degree.

MSU Summer Core Class Transfer

Look up your MSU class, then check the LCC Course Schedule Book to see when LCC offers the course during the summer.

What Transfers Here Which Classes Transfer from LCC

Late-Start Courses

New classes start weekly

Classes are still available in many areas of interest. Options include 14-week, 12-week or 8-week courses offering the same high quality experience as a full semester course.

Waitlisting for classes

Interested in a class that is full? Find out how to use waitlisting.

Access your LCC Student E-mail Account for important updates

If you are unfamiliar with your LCC student e-mail account, visit the Student Email Assistance page for a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Because of federal regulations, Financial Aid can only pay for classes that are in your major or program of study. It is important to keep your major updated and only register for courses needed so you don’t have to pay for classes without financial aid.

To update your major or program of study, access the Change of Program Request form.

Course Schedules and Registration at Lansing Community College

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