Ann Kroneman

Ann is a New York City native, born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn. A graduate of Michigan State University, she earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and spent time as a substitute teacher in the Charlotte school system before beginning her career with the State of Michigan. At the state, Ann served in several capacities in the Human Services field, moving from College Trainee to Classification Specialist, joining the management ranks as a Personnel Officer, and ultimately serving as the Human Resources Director for the Department of Management and Budget, with a dual assignment at the end of her state career serving also as HR Director for the Department of Natural Resources.

Ann joined Lansing Community College in August 2010 as the Executive Director for Human Resources. In addition to her role at the College, she serves as a member of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) Board, serving as the representative for community colleges. The past nine years have been an amazing journey, in no small part due to the wonderful team she gets to work with in HR and the tremendous support from colleagues across the college!