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Administrative Services Physical Plant

The mission of the Physical Plant is to provide for and maintain a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Department objectives include constructing, adapting, maintaining and operating facilities to support a positive learning environment.

For your convenience, we are providing links to the College's policies regarding office health, safety, and cleanliness, as well as PDF file OSHA's Fast Facts for additional guidance regarding workplace requirements.

How to Request Services:

Please visit the 5 Star Service Center to submit a request.

Space Heaters:

Use of personal space heaters on LCC's campus is prohibited.  In the event of a building system problem LCC Physical Plant will temporarily issue a college owned space heater that meets State Fire Marshal building safety requirements.
Temperature set point on LCC's campus is 72 degrees year round, with a variance of plus or minus 2 degrees (range 70-74 degrees).  If you have any area that seems outside this range please contact Physical Plant Office at (517) 483-1808. We will then be able to check the area and determine if there are any system problems.

Telephone Requests (Emergencies Only)

If there is something that requires immediate attention (i.e. could be hazardous if not attended to), you can call the Physical Plant at (517)483-1808 to make requests by phone.

After Hours Emergency Contact

Please call Police and Public Safety at (517) 483-1800 for any after-hours emergency situations.

Administrative Services Physical Plant at Lansing Community College

Physical Plant
Academic and Office Facility Bldg, Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1808
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