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LCC's wireless implementation is meant for all students, staff, and faculty in the college to be able to access the college's network from anywhere on campus.

Currently, all of main campus has been outfitted with what is known as wireless access points (or AP's). This will allow anyone with a wireless-enabled laptop to access the college's network, provided that they were given a Technology User ID from theA wireless access point as you may see it on campus. college. You may see these access points scattered across campus. They will usually be hanging from the ceiling and are displayed in the picture to the right.

NOTE: As of Jan 2015 LCC has replaced all of its APs on all campuses to a newer model. Read more here.

Current Wireless Availability:
Main Campus: 98% Active
West Campus: 100% Active
East Campus 100% Active
Howell Center 100% Active
University Center 100% Active
Wireless for students personal laptop 100% Active

Personal Computing, Network and Telecommunications at Lansing Community College

Personal Computing, Network, & Telecommunication Services
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