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Telecommunications encompasses a wide variety of tasks for the entire college including all of the telephony devices on East, West, and Main Campuses including emergency and elevator telephones.  We also provide and maintain all of the Telecommunication needs of the Livingston County Center and the Clinton County Center.

Telecomm's largest task is the administration as well as the initial setup and the maintenance of a complex VoIP telephony system that includes approximately 2600 end points (phones, etc.) 7 servers, and two analog PBX devices spread over 20 locations.

Phone and Voicemail Tip Sheet One of our Option 11's.  

Another part of the telephony system involves the setup and maintenance of 10 Automated Call Distribution queues. These are a computerized system that helps to ensure that callers reach the correct party when they try to contact college resources such as the Help Desk, the Welcome Center, Counseling and Advising, and Enrollment Services.

Personal Computing, Network and Telecommunications at Lansing Community College

Personal Computing, Network, & Telecommunication Services
Phone: (517) 483-5221 (Help Desk)
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