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Bring Your Own Device Printing

How to Setup Student Printers Mac OS X v10.8 or Later

1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

2. Choose Printers & Scanners

3. Click the + button to add a printer.

4. Press the Control key while clicking the "Default" icon (or any other icon on the toolbar), then choose Customize Toolbar from the contextual menu that appears.

5. Drag the Advanced (gear) icon to the toolbar and click Done.

6. Click the Advanced icon that was added to the toolbar.

7. Choose Windows printer via spoolss from the Type drop-down menu.

8. In the URL field, copy and paste the following: smb://

9. Replace PRINTER with the name obtained from the list (linked below)

Click here for a list of all student printers abailable.

10. In the Name and Location fields enter whatever you want. The Location field can be left blank.

11. Choose an appropriate driver option from the Use drop-down menu.

12. Click Add.

13. When you print a document you will be asked to put in a username and password. The username will be your TUID and the password will be your password. (The same login used for MyLCC)

Created using 10.9 (Mavericks), other versions may look slightly different.

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