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The Networking team plans, administers, installs, and maintains all the network wiring on all campuses, including the connections between campuses and the wires to the wireless access points. All these wires lead to approximately 60 closets that are scattered about and plug into numerous routers and switches which direct the traffic to its proper destination.

A networking closet.With all these wires and connections, it is important that there is high security with these connections. The networking team monitors the traffic in and out of all the servers and computers on campus by utilizing many different tools such as firewalls, email virus detection, and bandwidth and traffic management to ensure that the network is secure from predators.

All the equipment mentioned requires setup, installation, upkeep, and constant updating, and are all tasks taken care of by this team.

Personal Computing, Network and Telecommunications at Lansing Community College

Personal Computing, Network, & Telecommunication Services
Phone: (517) 483-5221 (Help Desk)
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