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Attention!!!  In following with the College's 5 year computer replacement cycle, the PC Techs are currently looking to upgrade certain computers!

Please check to see if your computer is one of the following models, then read below:

If you have one of the computers or monitors we are upgrading, please send an email to your divisional operations person letting them know that you have one of the applicable computers/monitors and would like your upgrade. If you are unsure of who your divisional operations person is, here is a list of the divisional operations people by division. Click on the person for your division to send them an email.

*Laptop model numbers (6910p, nw8240, etc.) can typically be found on the UPPER or LOWER right corners of the laptop screen when opened. Although in some instances the model number isn't on the bezel at all.

  • HP nc6400 Notebooks

  • HP 2510p Ultra-Portable Notebooks

  • HP 2530 Ultra-Portable Notebooks

  • HP 4200 Notebooks

  • HP 4400 Notebooks

  • HP 8440p

  • HP 6910p Notebooks

  • HP 6930p Notebooks

  • HP 8730 Notebooks

  • HP 7700 Ultra-Slim Desktop Workstation

Division Operations
Nichole Waters   Student Affairs
Chad Keck Information Technology
Scott Nigoff   Technical Careers
Mari Croze   Health and Human Services
Daniel Babcock   Arts and Sciences
Lisa Pearce   Financial Services
Marti Burnett   ELPS
Margo Whalen   Executive Office
Mary Ellen Laatsch   Academic Affairs
Melissa Quesada Administrative Services
Peter Lincolnhol   TEC
Sherry Forest   Human Resources
Tammy Gilroy   BCI

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