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Employee Development Offerings

"A leader is anyone who wants to help, who is willing to step forward to make a difference in the world.

- Margaret Wheatley, Berkana Institute.

Take your professional development into your own hands, LEADERSHIP STARTS WITH YOU!"

About the Collaborative

LCC?s Learning and Leading Collaborative is a partnership of LCC staff and faculty dedicated to offering leadership learning opportunities for all employees.  The partners embrace the concept that everyone can be a leader. As author and consultant Margaret Wheatley says, "A leader is anyone who wants to help, who is willing to step forward to make a difference in the world."

The Collaborative is guided by a 30-member Steering Committee. Support is provided by the Executive Office, Department of Organizational Development, Business & Community Institute, and Center for Teaching Excellence.

The programs offered by the Collaborative address the major employee learning and leadership needs that were identified in research conducted in 2004. The Collaborative goals are to help all employees develop new methods and knowledge and achieve personal and organizational success; retain employees; increase productivity; and enhance the services we provide to our students, our community and each other.


Participation in the Collaborative leadership programs is voluntary. The benefits of your participation will vary depending upon your personal and professional goals. They may include:

  • Enhance your level of competency in areas that will help you carry out your current job responsibilities more effectively
  • Develop or upgrade your skills and competences in order to keep pace with new methods, techniques, and knowledge and maintain your competitiveness in the job market
  • Increase your readiness and confidence to take on new tasks and challenges
  • Build stronger relationships with your LCC colleagues through group interaction

Getting Started

The Collaborative programs are organized into four competency clusters:

  1. Focus on Results
    Producing sustained, balanced results
  2. Interpersonal Skills
    People and communication skills
  3. Leading Organizational Change
    Producing change and inspiring others to accept and deliver on the change
  4. Personal Capability
    Intellectual and skill makeup of a leader

Take a few moments and explore the topics under each area and establish a course of personal development for yourself. You may wish to do this in consultation with your supervisor, whose approval is required in advance of enrolling in a program or course. The College offers employees a tool called a Staff Development Plan to help facilitate communication between a supervisor/manager and a staff member. You also may want to review the 18 Competencies of High Performers and assess the benefits to you of furthering your development in one or more of them.

As you review the offerings, you will see that delivery methods vary: face-to-face, online, and for-credit LCC courses. The face-to-face and online courses are offered at no charge to employees or their departments from May 2005 through June 2006.  However, for each cancellation after the deadline date, failure to attend or failure to send another person in your place, the respective department will be charged $50 to cover the cost of training materials.  All non-credit face-to-face programs are being offered at least twice with a few beginning in June, July and August 2005. Tuition is required for LCC for-credit courses. Many employees are eligible for tuition benefits for LCC courses; refer to your employee contract ( or call 483-1870.

If you wish to attend a face-to-face program or LCC course, please work with your supervisor so that your attendance does not adversely affect your department's operations. All employees will be compensated for the time they attend, per individual labor agreements.

For other training programs, such as technology, finance and human resources, visit the Organizational Development Department web site.

"Before and After Training" Guidelines [PDF] | "Before and After Training" Checklist [PDF]

What to Expect

Each face-to-face course is conducted in a classroom setting with up to 25 other participants and a trained facilitator, faculty member, or College administrator. The course schedule is based on a minimum enrollment of 15 participants. Enroll early!

Online programs are available to you at any time and can be completed at your own pace. All of the online programs listed are new to LCC employees. Included in the program listings are LCC Courses related to leadership and management competencies. The courses are one-credit Independent Study or 3-credit Management courses.

How to Register

Discuss your desire to participate in a Learning & Leading Collaborative session with your supervisor and obtain his/her approval. Review the schedule for each program, located under ?Delivery,? and determine a date and time that fits with your schedule. Follow the steps in the ?To Register? section found under each course offering. Note that for most face-to-face and online courses, you will be linked to iLearning. For LCC courses, you will be linked to the College registration system. If you have any technical questions, feel free to call the Organizational Development Department at 483-1849. For content questions, please call 483-9871.

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