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LCC knows that successful administrators make for successful teams and employees, who, in turn, ensure the success of the whole organization. With that in mind, Impressions means to continue the development after administrators have attended Starboard. Impressions will give a strong leg up for those who would benefit from it. The program will align participants with a Mentor, grant them extensive access to leaders across the College, and introduce some new perspectives to ensure success.

Administrators who meet the qualifications may apply to participate in a future program by completing the application below or may be sponsored by a supervisor. When an administrator is sponsored, that administrator will be considered for participation in the program.

In order for this program to benefit the participants, we need Mentors! If you believe that you would add value as a mentor, apply below!

Are you a prospective participant, do you wish to sponsor an administrator who reports to you, or are you applying to be a mentor?

Mentee applicants should have completed Starboard (formerly New Administrator Orientation) and be a supervising administrator. However, we will consider an applicant's information/rationale prior to making a final eligibility determination.

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