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Video Capabilities

Remote Production

Video Control Room


Avid Video Production Suite


Remote Production

Projects are created on high-end, professional video equipment including digital systems, Sony cameras and switchers, Avid Composer software, Chyron Duet character generator and other industry-standard software. From on-location shoots to in-studio productions, our staff and facilities will deliver high-end results.

40 x 60' Television Studio

  • 3 Sony D35-WS SDI Cameras (4x3 standard, 16x9 wide screen)
  • 1 Sony CA-537 Camera
  • Desisti Television lighting equipment on 14ft grid
  • ETC EXPRESS 250 DMX Lighting Control System with 122 wired lighting ports
  • QTV Teleprompter
  • Hard Wall Cyc Backdrop (Infinity Gray), 45% of wall space
  • Velour Blue and Black Curtains for a 360 degree wrap
  • Green and Blue Chroma Screen curtain backdrop / 30 feet each

TV Studio Control

  • Sony 7250 Switcher with DME 3000 effects channel
  • Chyron Duet LEX with Lyric software
  • Live video tape insertion capability (Beta SP, Beta SX and DVCAM)
  • Record capability to Beta SX, Beta SP, DVCAM, SVHS
  • Clear-Com Intercom System
  • Yamaha 02R audio mixing console
  • Panasonic SV3800 DAT player
  • Tascam CD-301 Player
  • Tascam 112 Cassette Recorder/Player
  • DIGICART II Plus Cart Hard Disk Digital Audio Recorder
  • Dynamax CTR Cart Player 10
  • Otari MX5050 Reel to Reel Recorder

Location Shooting

  • 2 Sony DNW-9WS Cameras
  • 1 Sony DVCAM 250 Camera
  • 1 Sony HVR-VIU Camera
  • Sony Wireless Microphone systems
  • Sony ECM 77B microphones
  • 8 Sennheiser MKE2 Lavalier Microphones-
  • Lowell DP Portable lighting equipment
  • Lowell OMNI Portable lighting equipment
  • 2 ARRI 400w HMI Daylight PAR Luminaires
  • Chimera Lighting diffusers
  • Matthews Doorway dolly
  • 2 O'Connor 2060 Fluid Heads w/55 Tripod
  • 2 Miller Arrow Tripods with Fluid Heads and Spreaders
  • Sony DFS700 DME Switcher

Video Editing (three suites)

  • Final Cut on Apple Power PC G5
  • Avid Adrenaline Media Composer on Apple PowerPC G5
  • Leitch DPS Velocity on 3 MHZ PC
  • Fibre Channel storage area network
  • Sony DNW-A50 and Sony DNW-75 Recorder/Players
  • Mackie 1402 VLZ Audio Mixer
  • Denon DN-C680 CD Player
  • PL Pro RM220 DAT player
  • DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate

Additional Resources

  • DVD Studio Pro authoring station
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Sony Sound Forge
  • Digital Juice JumpBacks

Media Services at Lansing Community College

Information Technology Services
Technology and Learning Center, Room 123
Phone: (517) 483-1670