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AV Services Capabilities

Teaching Bunker

Teaching Bunker

Computer on Wheels

C.O.W. (Computer on Wheels)

Equipment for loan:

  • Multimedia projectors (data/video projector)
  • Multimedia cart (PC and multimedia projector on cart)
  • COW (Computer on Wheels) - wireless laptop computers
  • Audio cassette recorder
  • 35mm slide projector
  • IBM laptop computers
  • Overhead projectors (assigned to classrooms)
  • Wireless microphones (hand-held and lavaliere)
  • Powered speakers (speakers with built-in amplifier)
  • Public address systems
  • Caramate (slide and cassette combination)
  • Singer instructor (film strip and cassette combination)
  • DVD player (contact Classroom Video)
  • VHS player (contact Classroom Video)

Media Services at Lansing Community College

Information Technology Services
Technology and Learning Center, Room 123
Phone: (517) 483-1670