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Math Labs

Math Labs are a flexible learning system for MATH 107 and 112 that emphasizes self-directed learning with individual instruction as needed.  You will choose a section that meets on specific days and times.  Sections are available both on and off campus.  Each section has one instructor and up to 22 students.

In a Math Lab, you will get your assignments, read the textbook, and do your homework. When you have a question or difficulty, you can get individual help from your instructor.  Additional instruction is available through DVDs and interactive websites.  Our instructors are trained to work with students who have difficulty with math.  Students who do well with math can move through the course as fast as they wish.

Math Labs provide flexibility in testing:

  • Take tests when you are ready - ahead of schedule or a little behind
  • No time limits except the end of the class period
  • Retake tests after brief instruction if a test is failed
  • Retake tests to raise the grade if a test is passed

Math Labs provide flexibility in the pace of instruction:

  • Start the next course if a course is finished early
  • Finish two courses in the same semester and pay for only one
  • Repeat a course the next semester starting where you left off

Math Labs are for you if:

  • You benefit from individual instruction
  • You can learn by reading, doing problems, and asking questions
  • You are self-motivated and can stay on a schedule
  • You want the opportunity to accelerate your course

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