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Graphics - Lansing Community College Logo Guidelines, Downloads and Letterhead

Since LCC redesigned its logo, all departments will need to use it in accordance with the college's College Identity program... and we are happy to customize the college logo for your needs. This does not include special event logos.

As you will see Lansing Community College has two logo designs; the star logo design (redesigned logo) and the 50th Anniversary logo design. The 50th Anniversary logo design does not in any way replace the star logo design of the college.

Whenever possible we encourage the use of both logos on any official documents, such as letterhead. If you have any questions about the appropriate use of the logos, please contact Bruce Mackley at ext. 9893. Here are a few examples of what not to do with the LCC logo:

LCC Logo Don'ts

LCC Logo Don'ts

Do not rearrange any elements of the logo

Do not compress or extend
the logo.

Do not re-scale or omit any elements of the logo

Do not substitute any other color for LCC's official logo colors.

To view the guidelines and rules for LCC's logo you can download our Visual Identity Program Pamphlet by clicking the link below:

LCC Logo Downloads

Below are the two commonly used LCC logos for download:



Web images aren't optimized for printing... they are merely "snapshots" of the original files. Contact us for any copies of LCC logo files by phone at (517) 483-9893 or by email at

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