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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my job take to produce?

This can vary, depending on project size and design complexity. A typical job is usually designed within 5-10 working days, with an additional 5 working days at the printer. Special print processes, such as die-cutting and foil-stamping can add to the production timeline.

I have a set amount of money to spend on my project. How can I find out what's available to me?

Although our design services are free, getting the job printed will still cost money. We can obtain quotes from our printers using various spec/quantity options before we ever start designing your job to get the most bang for your buck. These costs do not include mailing.

I have a general idea of what I need for a project, but need assistance putting it together.

As a rule, all projects come to us (Graphics) through the College Marketing or Public Relations departments. Not only does this ensure that the printed jobs are billed back to the right departments, but also assists the requestor in writing, photo scheduling, editing and general planning of their project. Contact your LCC Marketing Coordinator for assistance.

Why can't I get a logo designed for my department?

Since LCC redesigned its logo, all departments will need to use it in accordance with the college's College Identity program... and we are happy to customize the college logo for your needs. This does not include special event logos. The guidelines for logo usage can be found here.

I grabbed a copy of the LCC logo from the website to use, but it prints out blurry. What's wrong?

Web images aren't optimized for printing... they are merely "snapshots" of the original files. Contact us for any copies of LCC logo files by phone at (517) 483-9893 or by email at:

My project would look great featuring a photo of the Statue of Liberty. Can this be done?

The Media Services department has a vast image library for use with any print projects. Business, lifestyle, education, objects, abstract, the list goes on... and we usually have it. All are high-resolution and royalty-free.

I can't wait for the 5-day print turnaround for my project. Isn't there a quicker way?

By contract, our printers are given 5 working days to produce a proof and deliver the printed items to the college; this is actually a shorter timeline than the industry standard. If your deadline dictates a quicker print turnaround, we can supply you with the files on CD, and you can take the project to a printer of your choice who accepts P-Card payment.

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