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Mail Services

Postal Service Announces 2017 Mailing Services Prices

The First-Class Mail prices for these products are:



Letters (1 oz.)

47 cents

49 cents

Letters additional ounces

21 cents

21 cents

Letters to all international destinations




34 cents

34 cents

Mail Services provides services involving the preparation, metering and presorting of incoming and outgoing U.S. Mail for all of LCC campuses. Our area is responsible for processing mail in a timely manner and at the least possible cost to the college. Mail Services is also responsible for interpreting and enforcing U.S. Postal regulations and providing postal information to campus personnel. U.S. Mail is delivered and picked up daily from department offices by our dedicated Mail Services Staff members and brought to the mail center for processing. The Mail Center receives approximately 35,000 to 50,000 pieces of mail a Month from U.S. Post Office. The mail is sorted into different classifications and processed according to the different U.S. Postal regulations and handling requirements. Mail Services is responsible for processing mail for the main campus, West Campus and Extension Centers. The specific services provided are:

  • Pick up mail daily from United States Post Office and deliver mail to departments across campus (Campus Mailcodes).
  • Process mail daily and prepare for delivery to post office.
  • Process Certified, Overnight, International, and Standard Mailings.
  • Process special mailings in conjunction with copy requests and course packets.
  • Process a work request.

Scheduled Delivery and Pickup Times

Mail is picked up from and delivered to the offices around campus at approximately 11:30A.M. Monday - Friday. Following pickup/delivery the mail that has been picked up is brought back to the mail office where it is processed for delivery to the post office.

For first-class mail to go out in the current days mail it must either be picked up by mail room staff during the regular mail route time or dropped off at mail services before 2:00P.M..

All overnight mail must either be picked up by mail room staff during regular mail route (with an attached Mail work request) or brought to Mail Services office before 2:00P.M. (Gannon Building Room 106).

Express/Overnight Deliveries Procedures

Mail Services receives Express/Overnight packages throughout the morning beginning at 9:00 am from DHL, FedEx, UPS, and US Post Office. If you are expecting an Express/Overnight package please feel free to contact Mail Services at (517) 483-1748 to obtain delivery status or just to let us know that you are expecting an overnight document.

Upon receipt of the mail piece Mail Services will notify you that we have received the mail piece and you may pick it up at our office located in room 106 in the Gannon Building or we can deliver the mail piece during the regular scheduled delivery to your building the same day.

Special Mailings/Copy Requests

Mail Services is responsible for processing special mailings in conjunction with copy requests and course packets. (Copyright Information) The following suppliers have contracts with Mail Services for discounted rates:

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Mail and Reprographics at Lansing Community College

Mail and Reprographics
Gannon Bldg, Room 106
Phone: (517) 483-1748
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