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Gannon Building (GB)

422 North Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan 48933
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Gannon Building

LCC's tradition of success is a testament of our students, faculty and staff, and their unique blend of character, passion and drive. The redesign and modernization of the Gannon Building encompasses that uniqueness-setting us apart from our collegiate counterparts.

With interactive displays and modern technology, the Gannon Building renovations create a welcoming and inspiring space for students. Improvements include the construction of a faceted glass wall that runs along the building's eastern face, the new Commons food court features four food vendors and a coffee shop. In addition, the building is an easily accessible, one-stop student services center for admissions, enrollment, registration, academic advising, and counseling.

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Services and Locations

First Floor

Black Box Theater

GB 1422

Business and Economics Department

GB 1222

Communication, Media and Arts Department

GB 1222

Gannon Commons

Floor 1 Cafeteria

Grand River Room

GB 1130

Mail and Reprographic Services

GB 1314

Michigan Room

GB 1120

President's Dining Room

GB 1127A

Print Services

GB 1310

Receiving and Inventory

GB 1312

Student Affairs Division

GB 1204

Student Compliance

GB 1210


GB 1225

Weight Room

GB 1115


Second Floor


GB - StarZone


GB - StarZone

Campus Life

GB - StarZone

Campus Tours

GB - StarZone

Career and Employment Services

GB - StarZone

Centre for Engaged Inclusion (Diversity)

GB - StarZone

Center for Student Access (Disability)

GB - StarZone

Counseling Services

GB - StarZone

Financial Aid

GB - StarZone

Fitness Center

GB 2115

Gannon Commons

Floor 2 Cafeteria

Global Student Services

GB - StarZone


GB - StarZone

Orientation - New and Returning Students

GB - StarZone

Payments (Cashiers)

GB - StarZone

Police, Public Safety and Parking Office

GB 2110


GB - StarZone


GB - StarZone

Returning Adult Center

GB - StarZone

Student ID - StarCard

GB - StarZone

Testing Services - Placement

GB - StarZone

Women's Resources

GB - StarZone


Third Floor


GB 3128


GB 3217

The Lookout

GB 3157


Fourth Floor

Athletics Department Office

GB 4155

Lansing Community College

Student Affairs Division
Gannon Building
2nd Floor - StarZone
Phone: (517) 483-1957
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