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Phase 2 - Articulation Task List

Student Articulation Application Articulation Task List

Secondary/Postsecondary Instructor's Responsibilities:

  1. Make an articulation request. Schedule a meeting at the high school/tech center with secondary instructor and administrator, LCC instructor and K-12 Relations Director to discuss and review course comparison, text used, view classroom facilities, etc, and clarify course outcomes.
  2. Share the course objectives, competencies, and mastery levels required in an area with secondary or post-secondary partner. The secondary instructor reviews and compares the secondary coursework and objectives to the LCC course and objectives.
  3. Submit the Articulation Task List to the Department of K-12 Relations for review. Students must meet at least 80% of the LCC Student Learning Outcomes listed on the course syllabus.

K-12 Coordinator's Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the secondary personnel in coordinating a meeting with LCC faculty to discuss potential courses for articulation.
  2. Orient the secondary instructors and administrators to the articulation process if necessary.
  3. Facilitate communication between secondary instructors and LCC faculty as comparisons and competencies are developed. Share previously created Articulation Task Lists for comparison.
  4. Review the Articulation Task List and the comparisons of LCC objectives and the secondary objectives and competencies for clarity and completeness. Return the Articulation Task List for updating if the LCC and high school outcomes are not aligned.
  5. Forward the completed or updated Articulation Task List to the LCC faculty for final review and agreement.
  6. Inform the appropriate LCC faculty and staff of the alignment once agreement is reached and send a signed copy of the Articulation Task List to the secondary high school/career center.
  7. Forward the Student Articulation Application to the secondary partner contact person and communicate next steps in the process.
  8. Update the CTE Articulation Agreement database and make changes to the LCC Secondary Articulation website.

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