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Guidelines For New Articulation Requests

A request for articulation may come from many sources: an intermediate or local school district, an individual instructor, community college staff, or an employer interested in assisting a young co-op or apprenticeship student.

There are three phases to the articulation process:

Phase I - Sign Articulation Agreements

Discuss and agree to the terms, requirements, and responsibilities for articulation of courses/programs. This involves the school district/intermediate school district/regional education service agency and LCC culminating in a formal signing by both agencies.

Phase II - Complete Articulation Task List

Align specific courses. This involves high school/intermediate school/regional education service agency and district instructors and community college faculty meeting to review and discuss specific knowledge content, objectives, and competencies required of students prior to earning articulated credits from LCC. Once completed, it establishes the standard to which students are evaluated and awarded articulated credit. The credit will be transcripted as "Transfer Credit (TR)" with no grade.

Phase III - Complete Student Articulation Application

 Secondary personnel need to fill out a Student Articulation Application for all students who meet 80% of the course outcomes at 80% proficiency. The secondary instructor submits form to K-12 Relations Office in order for articulated credit to be awarded. Once the student is admitted to LCC and enrolls in a course, the articulated credits will be awarded to the student and will appear on his/her college transcript.

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