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Generic and Guest Accounts

On occasion a College employee will sponsor campus guests such as auditors, college representatives, BCI, GATE, or other visitors who may require temporary access to our network that otherwise do not have a personal LCC Username.  When this occurs, we ask that the sponsoring College employee contact the Help Desk in advance to arrange for temporary network access.  If approved, a list containing one or more user names will be sent to the employee.  This includes a sign in sheet that MUST be completed and returned for security purposes.  This shows who used which account at what time/day.  In the event a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy occurs the sponsoring College employee is responsible for the sponsored person's actions while using LCC-owned resources and network.


Information Technology Sevices at Lansing Community College

Information Technology Services
Technology and Learning Center, Room 123
Phone: (517) 483-1755
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