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HSDCI Students Thoughts...

"I am glad that I am in this program, it's something I am
doing for me and nobody but myself can take it away...I am doing well in this program, it was the fresh start that I needed"

"I enjoy the other students in this program, they are other kids looking for a second chance just like me...I can relate to them."

"I feel like my plans and hopes have succeeded here."

"I believe that this opportunity really proved to be an amazing second chance. It is a completely different learning environment which was my biggest struggle at my old school. I enjoy learning much more and don't feel even half of the stress that I felt before."

"I am not letting my problems effect my grades...I'm so glad I joined this program it's keeping me motivated and working hard to accomplish my goals."

"Everybody here is non-judgmental. I feel comfortable in this learning environment and I have made some good connections with people. We help each other succeed and support each other when we're falling behind."

" dreams cannot be achieved without a high school diploma. Although I still haven't hit the marks academically that I would have hoped, I have begun to make progress. I have moved so far from my bad high school habits."

"I am a more outgoing person now. I am finally starting to get good grades in my classes and I enjoy being successful in school. I am taking every opportunity I have received and treated them as a gift. I am very happy and proud to be a part of HSDCI."

"I am not perfect. I mess up a lot. I used to mess up a lot more though...I'm improving a whole lot. I'm not doing spectacular. I'm not even doing average, but I'm getting better and that means I can get even better!! That is what I am excited about."

High School Diploma Completion Initiative at Lansing Community College

High School Diploma Completion Initiative
Mackinaw Building, Room 214
Phone: (517) 483-9707
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