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Military Medic Program to Paramedic
Process of Admissions

The student applicant is required to follow this process:

  1. Submit a general LCC college application for admission to the Enrollment Services Office.  Go to

  2. Submit MM2P application (in the process of being updated) to Marv Helmker in the LCC EMS Program Office in the Health and Human Services Building, HHS 108, 515 N. Washington Square, Lansing, MI  48933

    1. The above application only applies to the Military Medic to Paramedic portion of the program.  For Paramedic to RN entry, consult with nursing advisor.

  3. Include with your selective application a copy of all transcripts, military and non-military. Additionally, you will need to provide official transcripts to the college directly.

    1. Information regarding obtaining military transcript can be found at the LCC Veteran's Resource Center.

  4. Take math, reading, and writing placement exams in Assessment Center. Scores will be used to advise applicant of additional preparation recommended before entering the program.

    1. The Waiver Team instead may be able to grant placement levels based on things like ACTs or SATs, TOEFL, AP or CLEP tests, courses taken at other colleges or universities, or degrees.  Contact the Waiver Team for more information.

    2. Program requires Math Level 4, Reading Level 5, and Writing Level 6.  Those not meeting these levels may need to take other prerequisite courses in math, reading, and writing.

  5. Provide documentation of current State of Michigan or National Registry EMT-Basic certification/license.

    1. Those who have lapsed (> 2 years) or never tested as EMT-B after completing appropriate military EMT education may need to complete an EMT course again.  This can be completed through the LCC EMT program or other state approved EMT courses.

    2. For those who have lapsed (< 2 years), contact the Health and Human Services Division at 517-483-1410 for more information.

  6. Provide documentation of 2-years full-time equivalent experience as military medic.

  7. BIOL 145 waived for MM2P

    1. Individuals looking to continue on to nursing should complete BIOL 201 and BIOL 202.

  8. Provide evidence of good physical and mental health.

Military Medic to Paramedic at Lansing Community College

Military Medic to Paramedic
Health and Human Services Bldg, Room 108
Phone: (517) 483-1410
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