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Awards Showcase

2016-2017 Winners

President's Award for Outstanding Achievement

Elaine Pogoncheff

Awarded to the employee whose accomplishments have a significant and lasting impact on the College's pursuit of excellence in achieving its mission and strategic goals. He/she participates on committees and/or mentors others, serves as a role model, uses originality and creativity to enthusiastically and collaboratively develop strategies that enhance his/her department; and supports the College’s goals by improving and/or modernizing current practices. He/she positively effects other aspects of the College and/or the community.

Elaine Pogoncheff, Dean of the Arts and Sciences Division

"Elaine has created an expectation and environment of mutual respect, positive attitude, and collaborative work that has pervaded the Division. The work Elaine has done to improve processes-to have them where they didn't exist and refine them where they were cumbersome, has helped staff, students, and faculty."

- Nominated by Kent Wieland

Provost's Award for Faculty of the Year

Anne Heutsche

Awarded to the teaching faculty or academic professional whose distinguished and lasting service to the College is consistent with its mission, vision, and strategic plan. He/she also demonstrates a track record of participation in activities that support student success, retention, and an enhanced learning environment.

Anne Heutsche, Faculty of History and Humanity

"Her tireless leadership for Equity and Inclusive Excellence project demonstrates her commitment to engaging students, but also reflects an understanding of the importance of engaging with the larger community. Her efforts are also a prime example of leadership that seeks to transform the culture of LCC in a way that involves all members of our community in being responsible for serving our students."

- Nominated by Jeff Janowick

Galaxy Award for Administator of the Year

Dr. Paul Hernandez

Awarded to the individual who leads others with honesty, openness, and compassion. He/she develops trust and credibility through open, respectful communication and personal accountability; provides a sense of purpose, vision and mission for all areas of oversight; positively influences others to build consensus in a group, department, and/or College setting; manages and/or champions change effectively through formal or informal leadership; and helps others develop by investing time and effort in coaching and/or mentoring.

Dr. Paul Hernandez, Chief Diversity Officer

"What sets Dr. Hernandez apart as a leader is his compassionate acts that occur on a regular basis without fanfare or public recognition and acknowledgment. He models positive, thoughtful and engaged leadership by focusing on the work of social justice, inclusiveness and the well-being of everyone he serves."

- Nominated by Ann Heutsche

Aurora Award for the Steward of Diversity

Barbara Bruce

Awarded to the employee who demonstrates outstanding best practices and a commitment to diversity which has resulted in the enrichment of the learning or work environment during the fiscal year. He/she promotes a campus environment that is welcoming, supportive, and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language, and all other human differences.

Barbara Bruce, Faculty of Nursing

"Barb Bruce is one of the founding faculty members of the cultural exchange between LCC Nursing students and immigrants, refugees and international students. By offering this project as part of the graded component of her classes, Nurse Bruce is promoting in each participant the chance to develop a welcoming, nurturing and accepting attitude toward people of different cultural, ethnic, racial, and linguistic backgrounds, as well as an appreciation for what makes us different, yet the same."

- Nominated by Jo Ellen Downey Greer

Shining Star Award for Support Person of the Year

Margo Whalen

Awarded to the employee whose commitment to the values and goals of the College improves the learning and working environment. He/she consistently and clearly surpasses performance requirements of his/her position and exhibits a high level of engagement and cooperation in working with students and/or other employees. He/she also takes initiative and creates a positive work environment that enhances the image of the department/College.

Margo Whalen, Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Finance, Administration, and Advancement

"Margo's work supports the following goals of the College: resource management and fiscal responsibility; leadership, culture and communication, engaged learning and student success; and community engagement. She is always willing to help other employees, no matter how large or small the project may be."

- Nominated by Dr. Lisa Webb Sharpe

Giving Star Award for the Philanthropic Employee of the Year

Bill Motz

Awarded to the individual who, through donation of time or resources, has contributed in a meaningful way to the College so as to support the College's vision along with student success and/or the strategic plan.

Bill Motz, Faculty of Marketing

"As the faculty adviser for the American Marketing Association, Bill has raised almost $500,000 through an annual golf outing, now in its 27th year, etiquette dinner, Shark Tank, and several other events. Bill has a generous spirit that has contributed to the success and support of generations of LCC students, employees, and programs."

- Nominated by Dan McKean

Rock Star Award for Student Employee of the Year

Ryan Verstraete

Awarded to the student employee who has demonstrated continued exemplary performance during his/her period of employment.

He/she possesses great work habits, knowledge of work, quality and quantity of work, judgment, initiative, adaptability, and reliability.

Ryan Verstraete, Student Intern for the Foundation

"Ryan meets and exceeds our highest expectations because he understands customer service, excellence in work performance, and how to be a part of a team. Ryan sees his employment at LCC as a learning experience and a chance to be a part of making a difference for student and the college."

- Nominated by Dan McKean

Superstar Award for Public Safety or Facilities Person of the Year

Chad Beckett

Awarded to the individual who consistently goes above and beyond without failure. He/she fills in when and wherever needed, performs job duties at a high level, takes initiative to solve problems and improves work situations without being prompted; demonstrates reliability, perseverance, and focus on results; and/or helps others by sharing knowledge of the College's practices and resources or job-related skills.

Chad Beckett, Evening Sergeant-Public Safety

"In addition to leading the group to maintain a safe campus, Chad interacts with local Police departments to keep the area surrounding campus safe. Anyone that has been to a Board meeting has seen Chad in action. His ability to maintain a calm and safe atmosphere during the meetings is exemplary. I could not ask any more professionalism from him."

- Nominated by Patricia Engle

Rising Star Award for New Employee of the Year

Jess Stevens

Awarded to the new employee who has demonstrated exemplary performance during his/her period of employment. He/she possesses great work habits, knowledge of work, quality and quantity of work, judgment, initiative, adaptability, and reliability.

Jess Stevens, Campus Resources for Non-Traditional Students and Special Populations

"Jess is always very willing to offer help on any project and do what he deems necessary to assist the students who come to Campus Resources whether it's to pick up learning aids or answer questions. He is a thoughtful, detailed support for this Department and we are all very happy that he's here."

- Nominated by Vanessa Bell

Eclipse Award for the Steward of Safety

Paul Schwartz

Awarded to the individual who demonstrates a commitment to providing a safe environment for our students, employees, and the public. May be related to the physical environment or data security.

Paul Schwartz, Director of Projects and Information for ITS

"Paul helps us all to ensure proper security of our systems and information to keep us safe. Not only does he put practices in place to check for any breaches, he goes out of his way to explain the importance of information security to anyone who will listen."

- Nominated by Sarah Velez


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