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Star Selfies Archive

March 2018 - Spring Break

photo of someone holding up ice cream in front of a bridge under construction

December 2017 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Ugly Christmas Sweater 1 Ugly Christmas Sweater 2 Ugly Christmas Sweater 3
Ugly Christmas Sweater 4 Ugly Christmas Sweater 5

November 2017 - Stock the Pantry

Stock the Pantry 1 Stock the Pantry 2

October 2017 - Props and Costumes

HR Library Paul and Linnea
Unicorn Chad Bennett Me and Annescia

February 2017 - Favorite People

Martine and Rafeeq Twins  

January 2017 - Indoor/Outdoor Art

Stars #1 Gears Scultpture  

December 2016 - Winter and the Holidays

German Market Hiking at St. Mary's Glacier Christmas Party with OCS
Happy Holidays from Technical Careers Christmas Tree Hunting  

November 2016 - Selfies of Service

Pillow Project Bingo at Willows Rehab/Assisted Living Center  

October 2016 - Halloween or Favorite Fall Landscape

The HR Crew Skeleton Lively Time
Thelma and Louise MSU vs UofM Marti Burnett
Jessica Roy Jessica and Jennifer Linda

September 2016 - Favorite Campus Location

Jose Mackenzie
Paul William Cristen

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Programs at Lansing Community College

Experience #Starpower Project
Administration Bldg, Room 205
Phone: (517) 483-1842