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Writing a Grant - From Start to Finish
A Grant Workshop Series Presented By LCC Educational Resource Development (ERD) and the LCC Foundation

* Workshops are open to LCC faculty and staff.

What workshop participants are saying

"Discussions and examples are great."

"Leaders kept LCC policy and processes present in the workshop."

"I really liked the atmosphere and depth of knowledge of the instructors."

"Information I can use immediately."

"Keep doing these workshops!"

Jeanne Donado

ERD Grant Development Coordinator

Sponsored by

The Centre for Engaged Inclusion
The Center for Teaching Excellence
LCC Foundation

LCC's ERD and the LCC Foundation created these workshops because people across the college wanted to learn about grants. The workshops provide information needed to be "grant literate," from current best practices; to researching, planning, and writing proposals; to LCC's and the LCC Foundation's grant application process. Each workshop also includes time to work on a grant proposal idea.

Workshops are geared to grant beginners--though anyone can participate. People who attend the first five sessions receive a CTE Workshop Completion Certificate.

Links to the Spring 2017 grant workshop descriptions, PowerPoints, and handouts are available below.

Please contact the ERD Department staff if you'd like to talk in person about a grant idea.

Workshop 1 - So You Want to Write a Grant Proposal

This session presents an overview of what grant funds do and don’t do, types of funders, and how to identify potential funders. It also covers LCC grant guidelines and requirements, and the College’s Educational Resource Development (ERD) office and the LCC Foundation

Workshop 1 Materials

Letters of Support
Award Planning and Pre Approval Form
Foundation Proposal Request
Common Grant Application
Benefits of Grant Writing
Workshop 1 PowerPoint

Workshop 2 - Developing Your Grant Idea

You have a great idea for creating a new program or enhancing an existing one. Now you need to put the pieces together to fit LCC’s priorities and a potential funder's interests. This workshop shows you strategies and models to help you get started.

Workshop 2 Materials

Case Statement Template
Case Statement Example 1
Mind Mapping Companion
Workshop 2 PowerPoint
SMART Goals and Objectives

Workshop 3 - Preparing Your Grant Proposal

Workshop 4 - Three (Not So) Little Words: Document, Collaborate, Evaluate

Getting grants is increasingly competitive as funders want details beyond just what a project will do. Proposals must show that the project is needed, supported, and has a well-designed evaluation plan. This workshop highlights current best practices you can use

Workshop 4 Materials

Building Collaborative Relationships
Effective Collaboration Checklist
Facilitator Self Assessment Tool
Meeting Agenda and Notes Form
Solving Meeting Disruptions
The Reality Underneath the Buzz of Partnerships
Online Resources
Debrief Meetings
Sheet
Workshop 4 PowerPoint

Workshop 5 - Submitting Your Proposal-And Beyond!

Submitting a proposal is a big accomplishment, but it isn’t the end of the project. This workshop outlines LCC’s and the LCC Foundation’s grant review and submission processes, follow-up with funders, team process feedback, record keeping, and next steps—whether or not the grant is funded.

Workshop 5 Materials

Sample Cover Letter Chatlos Fdn
CCAMPIS FY13-14 Report
MI Council of Foundations Common Report
Sample LCC Federal Grant Abstracts
TAA Workplan Report
Workshop 5 PowerPoint

Workshop 6 - Time to Write, Time to Shine

Workshop presenters provide one-on-one assistance to help you develop your program idea, case statement, or grant proposal.


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