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Total Campus Evacuation

Announcements of a total campus evacuation will be made over the building PA systems and Emergency Star Alert System.

Remain calm, walk - do not run.

Unless instructions are given not to use elevators, persons with disabilities should use the building elevators to reach the ground floor. Able-bodied persons capable of using stairs should avoid the elevators, making the elevators more available to persons with disabilities.

In the event elevators cannot be used, persons with disabilities should go to stairway landings and wait for emergency rescue personnel. Emergency personnel responding to the building will be checking the stairway landings for persons with disabilities upon their arrival.

Exit the building and go to your vehicle.

Exercise patience when leaving parking areas.

Follow evacuation route instructions given by police or fire personnel.

Tune your car radio to WKAR 90.5 or WFMK 99.1 for emergency instructions.

Emergency Management & Safety Services at Lansing Community College

Emergency Management Department
Gannon Bldg, Room 2154
Phone: (517) 483-1572
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Emergency Management Department - Phone: 517-483-1570 - Contact Us