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Curriculum Information - Architecture Program

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Associate Degree


Architecture Technologist, AAS


Course Offerings

Many of the courses listed below are offered at LCC throughout the academic year and can be taken to upgrade current skills or fulfill degree and certificate requirements. Visit the Course Offerings page for information pertaining to courses available during a particular semester.

ARCH 100 Introduction to Architecture Drawing
ARCH 105 Architectural Appreciation
ARCH 107 Sustainable Site Design
ARCH 110 Visual Communications I
ARCH 111 Architectural Design Fundamentals
ARCH 112 Residential Planning
ARCH 113 Materials & Methods of Construction
ARCH 114 Architectural Drawing/Basic CAD
ARCH 118 Architectural Design/Planning
ARCH 120 Visual Communications II
ARCH 125 Environmental Systems
ARCH 126 Architectural Model Building
ARCH 128 Residential Design
ARCH 141 Architectural History I
ARCH 142 Architectural History II
ARCH 146 Preservation/Adaptive Use Architecture
ARCH 175 Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 181 Universal Design Theory
ARCH 182 Applied Universal Design
ARCH 210 Residential Detailing
ARCH 214 Structural Theory
ARCH 216 Residential Drawing
ARCH 233 Revit Architecture BIM
ARCH 273 Environmental Systems
ARCH 276 Alternative Structures
ARCH 278 Building Science
ARCH 295 Architectural Independent Study

Architecture at Lansing Community College

Design and Construction Technologies
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Phone: (517) 483-5338
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