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Energy Management

Lansing Community College is one of the first colleges in the nation to incorporate alternative energy into its curricula and to offer an Associate's Degree in Alternative Energy Engineering Technologies. Alternative energy students study wind, solar, geothermal, energy efficiency, and bio-mass/gas energy production systems to develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities in developing a renewable energy economy. LCC's Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, and Building Construction students also learn energy management and alternative methods for heating and cooling buildings and residences. LCC's Alternative Energy program offers:

  • Two cutting edge alternative energy classrooms.
  • Hands-on experience with commercial alternative energy systems equipment.
  • Sophisticated high power hydrogen fuel cell systems with computer-aided diagnostics.
  • Highly skilled faculty who are dedicated to student success.

In addition to the Associate's in Applied Science Degree in Alternative Energy Engineering Technologies, LCC will be offering:

  • Alternative Energy Engineering Technologies Certificate of Completion
  • Energy Efficiency Technician Certificate of Achievement
  • Geothermal Technician Certificate of Achievement
  • Solar Energy Technician Certificate of Achievement
  • Wind Turbine Technician Certificate of Achievement

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What Is Energy Management?

Alternative Energy Engineering Technologies Program at Lansing Community College

Design and Construction Technologies
West Campus, Room M103
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