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Transforming Learning Through Teaching (TLTT)

Spring 2020
Facilitated by Martha Madigan
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
January 22 – April 15
TLC 326

Summer 2020
Facilitated by Megan Lin
May 26 – July 2
TLC 326


"Through material presented, interactions with the instructor, and fellow faculty members, I was able to gain new insights into teaching techniques that create a more active and engaged learning environment. TLTT also renewed my outlook on students and the unique challenges they face; it also equipped me to help them be successful. As an adjunct faculty member, I valued the opportunity to meet colleagues from other disciplines, share best practices, etc. It was very encouraging. This course is absolutely a worthwhile investment of your time!"
- Nikki Gruesbeck, Health and Wellness

This course provides an opportunity to...

  • Connect with faculty from across disciplines to share, explore, and reflect upon current teaching and learning practices.
  • Experience various teaching and learning strategies from a student's perspective.
  • Apply newly learned techniques with the support of colleagues.

A collaborative approach is used to model various teaching and learning strategies and create a faculty learning community. Whether you are new to teaching, or have taught for a long time, you won't want to miss this unique experience!

"Initially, I was hesitant to take the seminar, afraid it might be too theoretical without any direct application ... But from the very first session, you set me straight! In every session I learned something that I will use to be a better (more effective) teacher."
- Mobashera Hallam, Developmental Math

Course Topics

Some session topics are selected by participants. Popular ones include:

  • Learning from the Learners (LCC students participate in this session)
  • Preventing and Addressing Disruptive Behavior
  • Small Group Learning
  • Characteristics of the Community College Learner
  • How Students Learn

"...rediscovering my passion for teaching. That is what was lost and what was found in this seminar … This is where you can connect with the college and really feel like a part of it. This seminar is refreshing, inspiring and validating."
- Gina Przybyl, Community Health Service Education

For additional information contact Laura Cottrell at (517) 483-1444.

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