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Small Group Feedback Forms

Four to five questions are developed based on what the instructor wants to know about how small groups are working and what she wants students to notice about small group work.


  1. Develop four to five questions based on what you want to know about small group work and what you most want students to notice about their small groups. (See examples)
    Sample small group feedback form
    Sample small group evaluation form
  2. Before handing out the form, explain the rationale behind it.
  3. After class, tally and summarize the results.
  4. After sharing the results with the students, have them get into small groups to suggest solutions to the concerns raised.


  1. Students have input on the advantages and disadvantages of small groups.
  2. It is a way of detecting conflicts early, before permanent damage is done to the group process.
  3. It can also serve as a team building activity.

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