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CTE Incentive Grant Recipients

Keith Phillips "French for Specific Purposes Professional Development and Certification"
Provided funding for the purpose of obtaining training and official certification to develop and teach foreign language for specific courses in French.
Jill Pennington
Tim Miank
"The Capital City Writing Institute"
Provided funding for the creation of a summer "institute," a three-day series of professional presentations created and attended by faculty in the Developmental Writing Program. Designed to promote the study of developmental writing, this institute was loosely based on the National Writing Project Summer Institute Model. The three-day program consisted of interactive faculty presentations, individual writing time, group meetings and reflection time.
Leslie Hoover "Visual Teaching & Demonstration for Nursing Students on ANGEL Course Site"
Provided funding for the purchase of hardware and software for the development of a video which Nursing Careers faculty added to their PowerPoint presentations in both the face-to-face and the hybrid version of NURS 265. The video was designed to make lectures more dynamic and to better illustrate the necessary skills and/or equipment being demonstrated.
Bruce McCrea "Teaching Innovations Program in Economics"
Provided funding for participation in the American Economics Association's Teaching Innovations Program in Economics three day workshop held May 19-20 2006 in Chicago. Participation in this program provided the guidance towards the development and implementation of active learning activities in ECON 201 and ECON 202.
Marcy Bauman "Text, Eyes, and Videotape: Cameras in the Writing Classroom"
Provided funding for 15 digital cameras and accessories, which will be used in writing classes to investigate the relationship between print and media literacy.
Angela Craig "Using a Classroom Performance System (CPS) to Increase Student Feedback and Involvement"
Provided funding for the purchase of a Classroom Performance System (CPS). This is a wireless response system that gives immediate feedback from every student for such tasks as taking attendance, grading quizzes and tests, or stimulating class discussion.
Brian Bishop "Multimedia Modules for ARTS 102"
Provided supplemental funding to a Perkins Grant allowing for the creation of 12 multimedia modules that illustrate through film, animation, still imagery, sound and interactivity the basic elements and principles of communication for ARTS 102.
Scottie Putman "Inward Bound: The Poetry of Business, The Poetry of Life"
Provided funding to invite Mark Nepo, Poet-In-Residence at the Fetzer Institute, to visit campus. Mr. Nepo facilitated three poetry readings and discussion sessions.
Jeffrey Huber "Fire Science Technology for the 21st Century"
Provided funding for the purchase of several CD ROMs and videos which exhibit current standards in the fire service industry in order to update courses and provide more interesting presentations for Fire Science Technology students.
Melisa DeRosia "Strategies for Assisting Under-Prepared Students to Succeed in the Classroom"
Provided funding for the development of a series of workshops for faculty on strategies for assisting students who lack skills and/or the preparation necessary for academic success.
Meg Clark "Field Preparation for Tropical Aquatic Systems Class"
Provided funding for two faculty members to visit Puerto Rico to plan the field component of a new biology course, BIOL 267 - Tropical Aquatic Systems. The field component of this course will be a 10-day trip to Puerto Rico where students will gain first-hand experience with ecological research.
Michael Morris Funding towards "Professional Writing - Writing and Computer Technologies: Writing for the Internet" at Harvard University
Michael was awarded a DuckWoo Educational Foundation Scholarship to attend an intensive course at Harvard University entitled: Professional Writing - Writing and Computer Technologies: Writing for the Internet. The CTE's Incentive Grant for Teaching Innovations provided funding to cover the additional costs of room and board for this opportunity.
Mary Brown "Portable Student Friendly Telescopes"
Provided funding for the purchase of three telescopes and the accessories necessary to make them completely portable and easily used by science education students.
Margie Clark "Community Teaching Experience in a Non-traditional Setting"
Provided funding for the establishment of a foot clinic for an underserved population of the greater Lansing area, thus providing Nursing faculty an additional avenue to integrate nursing care into courses for nursing students while providing a service to the community.
Tim Erskine
Carol Hurlburt
"Anatomy and Physiology Instructors Innovative Resource Initiative"
Provided funding for the development of a workshop to offer innovative teaching strategies in Anatomy & Physiology laboratory settings, along with an activities manual tailored to the constantly changing technological advancements and evolving teaching strategies to coordinate instructors efforts and provide consistency of instruction.
Bruce McCrea Cooperative Learning Handbook for ECON 201 Instructors"
Connie Meeker "Integration of PowerPoint Presentations Multimedia and Collaborative Learning Techniques"
Tim Miank "Portfolio Assessment for Writing 117"
Elaine Kampmeuller "Developing a Teaching Portfolio Program"
Pat Nischan
Beverly Smith
"Student Outcomes and Assessment Project"
Paul Brun Del Ru "Use of Internet Data Bases for Student Presentations in Integrated Science & Geoscience Courses"
Kim Cory "Writing 121 for the Learning Disabled Student"
Harry L. Whitehead "Computer Based Training for Troubleshooting: Student-Guided Computer Simulation and Practice on Real Aircraft"
Nan C. R. Jackson "Mathematical Tours Through Industries: Making the Connections Between Classroom and Workplace for a Richer Understanding of Mathematics"
Ralph J. Gorton "A 'User Friendly' Laboratory Manual for Microbiology"
Alixandra Summitt "Creative Service Learning Opportunities for Students to Work With Older People in their Community"
Stephen L. Vossler "Laboratory Exercises for the Allen Bradley PLC-5"
David R. Hickey "Natural Science Semester Conversion Development: A Study for Units in GeoBiology"
Mary Garrett "Converting HyperCard Stacks to PC Based Systems: Multimedia Support for Introduction to Data Processing"
Catherine Bennett "Development of Decision Making Skills in Students in a Vocational Program"
Mary Garrett "CAI Guided Practice for Accounting 210 & 211 Students: A Model"
Teresa Purvis "Teaching the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay: A Media Approach"
Susan Henderson "Learning to Write by Writing to Learn"
Rod Cranson "A Field Guide to the Mason Esker System"
Bill Motz "International Business in Mid-Michigan"
Irene Armock "Communication in Science, Focus on Chemistry"
Kathleen O'Connor "An Experience in Writing Easy Reading Browsing for a Peer Audience"
Gary VanKempen "The Development of General Chemistry Demonstrations"
Alex Azima "Newtonian Dynamics Microworld"
Vernon Mesler "Computerized Estimation of Welding Costs"
Morris Thomas "Computer Enhanced Visualization of Topographic Maps"
Jim Greene "Teaching Adults: The Institution Commitment"

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