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Tips for Minimizing Plagiarism

Generally, students plagiarize by

  • Acquiring term papers online
  • Copying original material without ascribing the work, or
  • Using other students work

Helping to reduce plagiarism

  1. Pace big assignments (i.e., term papers) so that you can track the learning process. For example, require the annotated bibliography as a preliminary project.
  2. Narrowly define assignment parameters because it is easier to find commercially prepared materials for general (versus narrowly defined) topics.
  3. Require students to incorporate their own opinions and thoughts into the paper.
  4. Require students to relate materials to their own experiences.
  5. Change topics and assignments frequently, preferably every semester.
  6. Have students present the assignment from a first person point of view such as an imagined diary entry, letter, etc.
  7. For assignments involving research, require that students document the path they followed to the information, especially for information acquired online.


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