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College-Wide Assessment Committee

The mission of the College-Wide Assessment Committee (CWAC) is to promote a comprehensive and systematic approach to the assessment of student learning that uses data and information about student success to improve instruction and learning experiences as well as achievement of learning outcomes. Because of the Committee's major purposes, in January 2012, the Provost charged the CWAC to design a comprehensive framework to facilitate the use of feedback information from assessment to improve instruction. During Spring Semester of 2012, this Framework was created and whole heartedly approved by the CWAC members as well as the Provost.

The Assessment Framework is unique in that the various independent levels of assessment are brought together as vital interconnections. Within the Framework, assessment information is meant to travel from the lower to the higher organizational levels and in the reverse from the higher to lower organizational levels - all influencing each other.

The CWAC believes, as does the Lane Community College's Assessment Team, that, "A well-developed and coherent assessment plan includes continuous and well-intergrated linkages among assessment, program planning, and implementation activites, including procedures for a logical analysis of the results as they relate to intended and unitended ... outcomes."

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