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May 2011

In February, we asked you to recognize colleagues whom you would like to thank for their support. Here's what you had to say ...

Judy Allen

"Judy Allen, a full-time faculty member in the English Department, has been a wonderful resource for me. She's walked me through the portfolio process and was always there for me if I was confused or had questions. She always shared material, teaching advice and listened to me when I was frustrated or uncertain."

-- Recognized by LaToya Faulk, English

Suzanne Bernsten

"I would like to thank Suzanne Bernsten for creating a library tour and presentation for my Online and Hybrid students. The tour was conducted in Second Life, a virtual world using an Avatar. My students were able to interact with one another, as well as use and create objects. It was the next best thing to being in a live classroom!"

-- Recognized by James Bender, eLearning

Meg Elias

"I want to highlight Meg Elias. She is our coordinator for BIOL 120, Environmental Science, which has grown beyond our expectations. We offer this course in about every form possible: face-to-face; off campus at all three extension centers, plus some high schools; virtual; hybrid with lab live and hybrid with lab online. The course includes several field trips which means buses have to be ordered and sites set up. We sometimes have sites closed down so alternate sites have to be found. There are over 20 instructors teaching this course. We use labs we've written ourselves. Yet Meg seems to always hold it together and makes BIOL 120 a great course to teach and a great course for students to take. My kudos to Meg for all she does for us. THANKS Meg Elias!!!"

-- Recognized by Lu Anne Clark, Science

Fire Science Faculty

"I would like to recognize 17 Fire Science instructors who completed the certification process for the National Incident Safety Officer exam and successfully passed this rigorous test: Pete Zamora, Tim Baker, John Baker, Blake Holt, Joe Flanders, Patrick Flanders, Matt Wilson, Lynn Haske, Rodney VandeCasteele, Lou Evans, Bob Labioda, Tom Roush, Thea Dornbush, Kirk Easterbrook, Don Fox, Kevin Neely, and Bill Pawluk. There are only 3,000 certified Incident Safety Officers throughout the United States!"

-- Recognized by Jeff Huber, Fire Science

Shelley Gunther

"I would like to thank Shelley Gunther for serving as my unofficial mentor. She is a true gem in our department. She is always willing to sit down to talk or brainstorm with me. She shares ideas and helpful teaching materials, and is always quick with an email reply to the many questions that I send her."

-- Recognized by Brooke Stahle, Center for Transitional Learning

Susan Halick and John Thommen

"I would like to thank both Susan Halick and John Thommen as they are patient and willing to help me whenever I have a concern with how to do something for my classes. I have used them as a resource countless times, and I know that they will be there should I need them, which helps tremendously."

-- Recognized by Betty Degesie-LaRose, English

Melinda Hernandez

"I would like to thank Melinda Hernandez for her generous offer to help me understand the online course environment by inviting me to her office where she showed me how she runs her courses. Additionally, she shared some of her tips on how to set up and run online courses efficiently. In fact, both Mel and Leslie Farris have offered to help me with online instruction. Thanks to all in the English Department who continue to help everyday!"

-- Recognized by Carole Kendy, English

Dan Holt

"I would like to thank Dan Holt for sharing teaching ideas with me over the last decade - and especially teaching not just me, but many other colleagues at LCC how to incorporate technology in our teaching. Dan has been a leader in our department when it comes to using ANGEL and other technologies in teaching (for example, he's always willing to demonstrate how he teaches in Second Life). His door is always open, and he is never too busy to listen. Really, he's an amazing teacher and colleague - and is a person completely devoted to the craft teaching and excellence."

-- Recognized by Martine Courant Rife, English

Leslie Hoover

"I would like to spotlight Leslie Hoover from NURS 265. She works tirelessly to make the life of her adjunct faculty easy. She is always willing to listen to our concerns and make changes accordingly. She created a weekly communication system in order to keep on top of student issues and be able to help us out. Anytime I have a question, I know I can call her and she will happily help out. I recently had a concern with a student and Leslie took not only the time to review my notes, but she took the extra time to proof read, fix the mistakes, insert some phone numbers for me and print the document, giving me an extra copy for my own records. That was extremely helpful to me and something she did not have to do. At one point she even has reviewed student homework so I can be sure that I"m upholding our rubric as it was intended. She really deserves to be recognized for all of the "extra" that she does. Thank You!"

-- Recognized by Melissa Cope, Nursing

Bill Motz and Rich Lewis

"I would like to recognize Bill Motz and Rich Lewis. Both individuals have provided mentorship and resources for teaching Business and Marketing classes. Bill and Rich take time to answer questions, problem solve and share tips for making classes interactive. They freely share their assignments and discuss ideas to improve the class. I am grateful for their mentorship, direction and leadership."

-- Recognized by Al Nowak, Business and Economics

Martine Rife

"I would like to thank Dr. Martine Rife for her generous support. In my three years at LCC, Martine has shared teaching materials, included me in her Teaching Circle, supported me in teaching WRIT 124, and met me for coffee (which included me asking lots of questions). She's been an exemplary colleague and deserves my formal thanks. Thank you, Martine!"

-- Recognized by Suzanne Webb, English

Kathleen Shell

"I would like to nominate Kathleen Shell who serves as our Curriculum Specialist. She is ALWAYS ready and willing to help us with anything from assistance in conducting online courses to a relatively small thing like PowerPoint. She is extremely knowledgeable in computer functions and the entire college operation. All of the instructors in the Division know that she will be willing to help with anything - large or small. In short - she is the greatest!"

-- Recognized by Jim Pitts, Automotive Technologies

Suzanne Sawyer

"I would like to thank Suzanne Sawyer and her staff for creating an LCC Library Research Guide for the Criminal Justice Program. The guide includes embedded videos and other research help tips on writing reports as well as evaluating information. This 'thank you' is from the Criminal Justice faculty group."

-- Recognized by James Bender, eLearning

Mindy Wilson and Jane Repko

"I would like to thank Dr. Mindy Wilson for all her help and assistance in teaching BIOL 127 (Cell Biology). She provided all the resources necessary to successfully teach the course and always brings new ideas on how to be a better instructor. She invited me to attend her lab sessions so I can master some of the techniques required during the experiment. This was most useful since I was teaching the course for the first time. I also appreciate all the help I received from my other colleagues teaching BIOL 127. I would also like to thank Dr. Jane Repko for her patience and resourcefulness."

-- Recognized by Washington Mutatu, Science

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