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December 2011

Resources Available for Checkout

Integrating technology into your classroom can motivate students. However, the use of technology should always be tied to the learning outcomes.

The following technology resources are available for check out through the CTE:

Personal Response Systems ("Clickers")

Personal Response Systems allow instructors to ask questions and students to receive instant feedback using "Clickers" and a portable receiver. To use the "Clickers," a short overview is available through John Thommen at "Clickers" can be reserved for 48 hours.*

Here is what an LCC faculty member said about the "Clickers:"

"I use clickers to help engage students in the learning process and make my regular PowerPoint’s much more interactive. There are just so many possibilities with them. I can take polls during class to get student opinions, I can include a brief end of lecture quiz, or I can use them to help create review games where everyone can participate simultaneously! The students love them because they bring such a change of pace and make the lectures even more interactive. I like them because I get real-time feedback on how well students are grasping the material and which areas need to be reviewed." -Katie Hubbard, Physical Fitness and Wellness

Mimio Smart Board Recorders

These are a combination of hardware and software that allow instructors to capture whiteboard notes and/or turn the whiteboard into an interactive Smart Board. To learn more, contact Sue Halick at The Mimio Smart Board can be reserved for one week.*

Keyspans (Remote Air Mice)

A wireless remote mouse allows the instructor to move around the classroom while presenting information. Remote mice can be reserved for five days.*

Here is what an LCC faculty member said about the Keyspan:

"A presentation device like Keyspan is a very valuable tool in the classroom, where the seemingly effortless flow of a lecture and smooth transitions between activities aid my teaching and the students learning. The Keyspan allows me to get out from behind the lectern and the computer station and interact with the students during a presentation. This can make things more real and tangible, and I think students really appreciate that." -Keith Phillips, Communication, Media and the Arts

Digital Recorder

A voice recorder that allows you to record notes and lectures in high-quality stereo sound. The recorded audio files can then be easily transferred to a computer by plugging it directly into your PC. The recorder can be reserved for 48 hours.*

Renewal and Checkout

*Most equipment can be renewed unless another patron has reserved the device. If you are interested in checking out one of the above resources, visit the CTE, in TLC 324, or call (517)483-1680 to check on equipment availability.

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